NLC Capital invests in real solutions for real problems

We all know people, whether they’re family, friends or ourselves with life-impacting health issues. May it be cancer, heart disease, miscarriage, COPD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or any other disease, these health problems affect us all. Technologies that can help prevent, battle or overcome these diseases are constantly being developed by brilliant minds. NLC works with them to bring their solutions to society. NLC Capital provides them with financial support.

To date, NLC Capital has not made any venture investment. However, NLC has built multiple high impact ventures in which NLC Capital envisions to invest.
Concord, MindAffect and Nico-lab were built to provide preterm babies with a better start in life, give ALS patients a voice again and result in better stroke treatment. By backing these and future ventures, NLC Capital will provide the jump start and support needed for these ventures to succeed.

Read more on a selection of ventures below or on the NLC website.